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Dear Friends:

History presents a number of powerful examples of “Strength in Numbers.”  On May 19, 1980, race riots broke out all across Miami, Florida.  Hundreds of families found themselves the victims of mob violence, unable to prevent wholesale theft and damage to their homes and property.  Law Enforcement, Fire and Ambulance services were inundated with calls from all over the county, quickly overwhelming their ability to respond.  The violence ran unchecked for days. Later, after the looting and violence had finally been brought under control aerial surveys revealed the incredible scale of damage.  Every area of the city had been affected – all but one.

In the midst of the devastation stood a one-block by three-block area completely unscathed.  Was this small island of protection ringed with barbed wire with armed defenders standing at the gate?  No, the surprising truth revealed a small retirement community whose youngest tenant was in their early seventies.  No one was armed; none were your typical “Rambo” types.  What made all the difference was their common desire to protect one another.  Their defense was very simple.  24-hour citizen watches were organized, and volunteers came forward.  When criminal activity was found, patrols sounded the alarm, awakening everyone.  This simple act alone ensured that there wasn't a single loss within their community. There is an undeniable safety in numbers, and strength when everyone works toward a single purpose.

A small group of people recently met to talk seriously about communications when things are so terrible that we may no longer be safe in our own homes. Imagine yourself facing the Miami riots, but on a much larger scale.  How would you communicate with other like-minded individuals to avoid conflict and prevent violence through general protection?

There are many of us that feel that the times are drastically changing and will continue to do so over the next short while.  We have decided that when the time comes that we are no longer safe in our homes - we would like to band together with other like minded individuals to work together to stay safe.  As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed.  Information in times of turmoil is precious.  That is why we’re now building a communications network that will allow us to talk to each other when most other forms of communication are not working for one reason or another.

We are NOT forming a militia or anything of the sort. We are simply looking for mutual safety by grouping together with other like-minded individuals – armed with a solid communications network to gather the “bigger picture.”  A group of people armed with the knowledge of what is going on around them can band together to provide strength in numbers.

We will most likely be staying in our homes whenever possible. However, should the need arise some may choose to move to more central location.  The intent of the communications network is to provide valuable information to help individuals and families make informed decisions. We won’t be organizing mass migrations or moves. Most of the suggested moves will be fairly local to where you currently live. However there are some that live in cities and other urban environments that are simply not safe. The purpose of our group is to gather and pass along information to help you make informed decisions. We are now looking for other like-minded individuals that are willing to play a part in helping others know what lies just around the corner – helping them make informed decisions.

Why is any of this even necessary? The fact is, it may not be.  But again, forewarned is forearmed.  Suppose that the Internet or telephones were to go down today.  What if suddenly your debit and credit cards stopped working.  Do you have enough food and supplies to last more than a week? How long do you think most of society could survive without the ability to buy food and water?  What happens then?  The vivid images of the chaos and looting that has taken place in countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya and recent violent protests in England and France show how even a peaceful demonstration can quickly escalate beyond the control of Law Enforcement – putting law-abiding families and entire neighborhoods in peril.

We believe in planning for the worst and hoping for the best. We believe that a number of scenarios exist that could bring about a collapse in normal communications.  An economic collapse, a terrorist attack, or large-scale natural disaster could bring life as we know it to an end.  Regardless of whether an interruption in normal communications is temporary or long-term, you need to have a plan to protect yourself and your family.

Forewarned is Forearmed.  We are now planning for a complete collapse of the Internet and telephone system Nationwide. The one system that still works when other methods fail is Amateur Radio.  This is the foundation for our communications plan.

Recent examples have shown that when normal forms of communication are lost, societies begin breaking down within about 72 hours.  Without Internet-based credit verification systems, stores begin only accepting cash for example. ATMs and most banks will quickly run out of cash.  Gas stations refuse to sell fuel to credit card and debit card customers.  Cell-phone networks become overwhelmed as confusion and then panic sets in.

When people can’t BUY what they need, they tend to begin thinking of other ways to GET what they need.  A normal law-abiding citizen will begin to justify theft and other violence when they run out of food and clean water.  When everyone begins to panic at the violence around them, the strong begin preying on the weak.  It’s unfortunate, but very true.

Bearing this short 72-hour window in mind, our plan is very simple.

If you are interested in learning more about ways that you too can join with others in your neighborhood, in your city, and your local area, you must first contact us to let us know that you're interested. 

Once we receive your message, you'll be provided with a "pass-phrase" to use in registering your personal account.  There is absolutely no cost to participate, and your contact information will not be used except to contact you with more information. 

Your information will  not be sold, lent, or given to any others and will remain protected.  The need to protect the content of this site is not to keep things secret, it is to keep things organized and protected until the time comes when specific instructions become necessary. 

Again, we promote upholding the laws of the land, and are in no way subversive or militia-based.

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