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Have you ever watched the news about a natural disaster or some other catastrophe somewhere and thought, "that won't happen here"?

What if it did? What if you suddenly found yourself at work, separated from your family just after a major earthquake?  Have you ever imagined yourself in that situation and wondered - really pondered - what you would do?

How would you get back home? How would you contact your family to see if they're safe - or to let them know that you're safe?

Do you have any extra food, or water? Are your clothes warm enough and dry enough for you to be protected?  Do you have any way to signal for help? What if you or your co-workers are injured?  Do you know how to help until rescue comes?

This blog was created to help you think about the "what if" scenarios in our lives. This isn't meant to fear-monger, or scare anyone with talk of doom and gloom.  It's intended simply as a bit of a wake-up call if you find yourself - like I did - wondering how I would act, and what I would do if I were suddenly away from home when some natural or man-made disaster took place.

The next time you hear about some tragedy somewhere in the world, don't just think, "...that won't happen here" Try and imagine what you would do in that same situation, and learn from it.

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